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Keno NSW – An In-Depth Look At The Popular Lottery Game

Keno is a lottery-style game where punters can choose from a selection of numbers and win instant cash prizes. Developed in the early 1900s by Australia’s New South Wales Lotteries, keno quickly grew in popularity and is now widely available across the country.

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What Is Keno NSW?

Keno is a lottery-like game, based on guessing numbers, that is popular with Australian gamblers. It is most often found in pubs, clubs and casinos in New South Wales. Players choose between two and 10 numbers from 1 to 80 and then cross their fingers and hope that their chosen numbers get drawn, earning them a win.

How to Play Keno NSW

Playing Keno in NSW is simple. To start playing, here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Choose your numbers – Players can choose any number from 1 to 80.
  • Choose your stake – Players can choose the amount they would like to wager per game.
  • Confirm your bet – When the player has chosen their numbers and stake, they must confirm their wager and wait for the draw.

Where Can I Play Keno NSW?

Keno is available in licensed venues in NSW such as pubs, clubs and casinos. Players can also enjoy the game online with many of the major online sports betting and casino operators, including Sportsbet, Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill and many others.

What Are the Odds of Winning at Keno NSW?

The exact odds of winning at keno vary depending on how many numbers the player chooses, but generally the more numbers the player chooses, the lower the odds of winning. For example, if a player chooses two numbers, their odds of winning the Jackpot are 1 in 3,535,316. Choosing three numbers, their odds of winning the Jackpot are 1 in 143, 093.

Do I Need to Pay Tax on My Winnings?

Generally, all winnings from keno in NSW are subject to tax. According to the Australian Tax Office, any income over $200 earned from gambling activities is taxable. However, any losses incurred during gambling activities can be offset against the winnings in order to reduce the taxes payable.


Overall, keno is a fun and easy game to play in NSW. Whether players choose to play in a bricks and mortar venue or online, they have the potential to win big. However, as with any form of gambling, it’s important to practice responsible gaming and stick to a budget. References:


What is Keno NSW?
Keno NSW is an electronic game of chance, similar to a lottery game, where players choose numbers and wait for the random draw of numbers to determine whether they have won.
How do I play Keno NSW?
To play Keno NSW, you must purchase a ticket from an authorized retail outlet. Select your numbers from 1-80 and decide how much to wager and how many games you would like to play. When your ticket is printed, the numbers selected, the wager, and the number of games will be displayed.
Are there any restrictions on playing Keno NSW?
Yes, there are restrictions on playing Keno NSW. Players must be 18 years of age or older to play, and certain venues may set their own limits on maximum wagers and minimum ages for playing.
What is the prize structure for winning Keno NSW?
The Keno NSW prize structure varies depending on the type of ticket purchased and the number of numbers matched. Generally, the odds of winning are lower for higher numbers of matches.
Where can I find more information about playing Keno NSW?
You can find more information about playing Keno NSW on the NSW Lotteries website, as well as on the websites of the retailers that sell tickets for Keno NSW.