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Royal Commission Crown Perth: Uncovering the Transgressions of One of Australia’s Premier Gambling Venues

The royal commission into Crown Perth has exposed the illegal and immoral activities of one of Australia’s flagship gambling venues. Following on from the revelations of corruption and money laundering, hundreds of players, staff and stakeholders in the industry are asking questions about the state of integrity of the institution and the future of its operations.

What is the Royal Commission?

The royal commission is a type of inquiry commissioned by the government for formal investigations into matters of public importance. The current commission established by the Government of Western Australia in 2020 has been set up to uncover the wrongdoing of Crown Perth. This will take place over an indefinite period of time and shall consider the corporate culture, governance and practices of the establishment, as well as its actions regarding the prevention of money laundering.

What Has Been Uncovered Already?

The initial findings of the inquiry have revealed a number of transgressions committed by the gambling venue:

  • Breach of responsible gambling codes of practice
  • Providing misleading information to regulators
  • Failing to prevent the laundering of money
  • Staff harassment

These revelations have serious implications for the gambling industry throughout Australia and require further investigation by the royal commission.

Table of Keyword Information

Keyword Definition
Royal Commission A formal inquiry appointed by the government to investigate matters of great public importance.
Crown Perth A resort and casino located in Perth, Western Australia.
Money Laundering The process of disguising legal or illegal sources of money so that it appears to be legitimate.

What is the Royal Commission Crown Perth?

The Royal Commission Crown Perth is a special commission set up by the Western Australia government to investigate into the casino industry. Specifically, the royal commission will look into the practices of pokies and other gaming machines at Crown Perth, owned by Crown Resorts. The main purpose of the royal commission is to determine whether the casino company has been adhering to the state gambling legislation.

Background to the Royal Commission Crown Perth

The Royal Commission Crown Perth was announced on 8th March 2019. The commission is led by former Supreme Court Justice Patricia Bergin and is expected to last until October 2019.It marks the first time a royal commission has been established in Australia into the gambling industry. Previous inquiries into the casino industry have been more limited in scope and resources.The royal commission is in response to a number of significant allegations against Crown Resorts, such as money laundering, bribery, and related offences. The allegations have been widely reported in the media over the past few years.

Areas of Inquiry for the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission Crown Perth is tasked with looking into a range of different areas.

  • Whether or not the casino company has been complying with applicable laws
  • If there have been any breaches of the Casino Control Act 1984
  • The control and regulation of operations related to gaming machines, and whether the company should be allowed to continue operating them
  • The exercise of proper corporate, governance and social responsibility by the casino company
  • The accuracy of information provided by the casino company to the Western Australian government authorities

Key Witnesses of the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission Crown Perth has heard from numerous key witnesses including:

  1. Former Premier of Western Australia Colin Barnett;
  2. Current Treasurer of Western Australia Ben Wyatt;
  3. Former chairman of Crown Resorts James Packer;
  4. Director of Crown Resorts John Alexander; and
  5. Director of Liquor & Gaming Regulation Barry Sargeant.

The commission has also heard testimonies from other members of staff from Crown Resorts.

Findings of the Royal Commission

The Royal Commission is yet to make its final report but interim findings have been released in July 2019. The interim report found that Crown Resorts fell short in meeting their social and ethical responsibilities. Furthermore, it concluded that the company was aware of money laundering activity taking place at the casino, and that they failed to take proper action to stop it.The commission has recommended that Crown Resorts be stripped of its casino licence at Crown Perth, which could cost the company millions.


The Royal Commission Crown Perth has uncovered a wide range of issues relating to the casino operator’s practices. It has revealed serious shortcomings in meeting the obligations set out by the state gambling legislation. Although the commission is yet to conclude its final report, it is clear that the alleged practices by Crown Resorts are highly concerning and must be addressed.References1. ABC News, 2019. Royal Commission uncovers widespread failures at Crown Resorts. Available at: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-10/crown-resorts-royal-commission-interim-report-findings/11294252 2. The Age, 2019. Briefing on the Crown Resorts Royal Commission: what you need to know. Available at: https://www.theage.com.au/national/western-australia/briefing-on-the-crown-resorts-royal-commission-what-you-need-to-know-20190308-p512vn.html

Frequently Asked Questions about the Royal Commission into Crown Perth

Q1. What is the Royal Commission?

The Royal Commission into Crown Perth is a comprehensive inquiry conducted by the government in order to investigate allegations of criminal activity and unethical practices at the Perth casino.

Q2. Who is conducting the inquiry?

The inquiry is being conducted by the Honorable Mr. Michael Hodge QC, who has been appointed as the Commissioner for the Royal Commission.

Q3. What are the key issues that the Royal Commission is focusing on?

The inquiry will assess whether Crown Perth has been involved in any activities that contravene Australian laws, such as money laundering and other illegal activities.

Q4. How long is the inquiry expected to take?

The inquiry is expected to last anywhere up to 18 months, with the findings and recommendations to be released shortly afterwards.

Q5. What will happen if Crown Perth is found to have broken the law?

If the inquiry finds that Crown Perth has engaged in any illegal activity, it is possible that the company will face prosecution or penalties. The exact penalties will depend on the findings of the inquiry.