Uncovering The Truth: The Start Of The Wa Royal Commission Into Crown

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Are you curious about the WA Royal Commission into Crown?

This Commission is a major inquiry into the dealings of one of Australia’s largest gaming companies.

In this article, we’ll explore the timeline of events, the issues to be investigated, key witnesses, and expert witnesses that will be involved.

We’ll also look at the possible outcomes of the Commission.

So, buckle up as we uncover the truth behind this major investigation.

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable experts leading the inquiry, we can expect to see some big developments in the coming months.

So, let’s dive right in to get a better understanding of the WA Royal Commission into Crown.

Key Takeaways

  • WA Royal Commission into Crown is a major inquiry into Crown Resorts, one of Australia’s largest gaming companies.
  • The commission aims to investigate the management of Crown Resorts by the state government and its subsidiary companies, with a focus on the impact of gambling and corporate governance on Aboriginal rights.
  • The commission is led by former Supreme Court judge Neville Owen and has the authority to summon witnesses and documents, conduct public and private hearings, and issue interim reports.
  • Expert witnesses have provided valuable insights, advised on legality, identified areas of inquiry, and contributed to a well-rounded understanding of the issues. The commission’s findings and recommendations include the need for improved risk management systems, appointment of an independent board, changes to corporate culture and governance, and greater transparency and accountability for Crown Perth.

Overview of the WA Royal Commission into Crown

You won’t want to miss out on the details of the WA Royal Commission into Crown – it’s a big moment in history!

The Commission has been established to investigate the management of Crown Resorts by the state government and its subsidiary companies. It will also look into the impact of gambling and corporate governance on Aboriginal rights. This Commission is a huge step forward in uncovering the truth and holding those responsible accountable.

The scope of the Commission is vast, covering a wide range of issues and topics. It will consider the links between the state government and Crown Resorts, the effectiveness of corporate governance, the impact of gambling on Aboriginal rights, and any potential breaches of the law. The Commission will be taking evidence from a range of stakeholders, including Aboriginal communities, industry groups, and government representatives.

The WA Royal Commission into Crown is a significant moment in history. It is a chance to uncover the truth and create lasting change. The Commission will provide an independent and transparent assessment of the issues and will ensure that the rights of Aboriginal people are respected and protected. With such a wide scope, the Commission has the potential to bring about real and lasting change.

This Royal Commission is sure to leave its mark on history. It is a major step forward in securing justice for Aboriginal people and ensuring that corporate governance and gambling are managed in a responsible and transparent way. Its findings and recommendations will have a lasting impact on the state government and Crown Resorts.

Now, it is time to look at the timeline of events that led to the start of this Commission.

Timeline of Events

Tracing back to its origins, the WA Royal Commission into Crown has been a long time in the making. In April 2020, WA Premier Mark McGowan announced the formation of the Royal Commission to explore allegations of misconduct at the Crown Perth Casino. This announcement was prompted by a series of damaging reports that had been released in the media.

Exploring motivations, examining consequences, the Royal Commission was tasked with investigating the suitability of Crown Perth to hold a casino licence, and the decision-making processes that were employed by the former WA government in granting the casino licence. The Commission was also asked to look into the casino’s relationship with foreign governments, particularly those in China.

The Royal Commission was led by former Supreme Court judge, Neville Owen, and was supported by a panel of expert advisers. It was given the authority to summon witnesses and documents, and to conduct public and private hearings. The Commission was also granted the power to issue interim reports.

The Royal Commission was given a 9-month period to complete its investigations and report its findings to the Premier. It is expected that the Commission will publish its final report in the coming months, and will have important implications for the future of the Crown Perth Casino.

By taking a serious look at the issues surrounding the Crown Perth Casino, the Royal Commission has opened up a much-needed discussion about the regulation of the casino industry. The Commission’s findings are likely to be closely watched by both the government and the public, as they could have far-reaching implications for the industry and its future. As the Commission continues its work, it is sure to uncover more of the truth about the Crown Perth Casino.

The issues to be investigated by the WA Royal Commission into Crown are wide-reaching and complex, and are sure to uncover some important truths. These issues will be examined in the subsequent section.

Issues to be Investigated

You’re about to dive into a discussion on the issues to be investigated in the WA Royal Commission into Crown. At its core, this investigation is about examining the regulatory oversight of Crown, responsible gambling practices, and money laundering allegations.

It is important to consider the implications of each of these issues on Crown’s operations and to understand the extent to which they’ve been met with adequate oversight.

Regulatory Oversight

Facing the implications of the WA Royal Commission into Crown, you’re forced to confront the importance of regulatory oversight in the casino industry. Political influence can be difficult to control, and corporate governance is essential for any successful business.

To ensure the casino industry is run with integrity, there are three main areas that must be addressed:

  1. Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations that govern the casino industry.

  2. Establishing monitoring systems to ensure that all casino activities are conducted in an ethical manner.

  3. Providing transparency into the casino’s operations and activities.

Regulatory oversight is key to the development of a safe and fair casino industry. To ensure the industry remains on the right track, responsible gambling practices must be established and enforced.

Responsible Gambling Practices

You’re already aware of the importance of regulatory oversight, but it’s equally important to develop responsible gambling practices to ensure the casino industry remains safe and fair. Gambling can be an enjoyable pastime, yet it can be harmful for those with a gambling addiction. Responsible Gaming is an important part of the casino industry, aiming to set limits and provide education and support for those who need it.

Action Description Result
Limit Set betting limits Reduce the risk of gambling addiction
Educate Provide education on gambling Help people make informed decisions
Support Offer support to those with gambling addiction Help those in need to access treatment and support

Ultimately, Responsible Gaming is an important step in ensuring the casino industry remains safe and fair and that people are protected from the risks of gambling addiction. To help combat money laundering allegations, the WA Royal Commission into Crown is an important step in uncovering the truth.

Money Laundering Allegations

Amidst allegations of money laundering, officials are determined to get to the bottom of the issue. The money trail must be tracked in order to determine whether any political motives are at play.

The WA Royal Commission into Crown is working hard to uncover the truth by gathering evidence from financial transactions and key witnesses. This is helping to provide a comprehensive understanding of the situation, enabling the Commission to uncover any wrongdoing.

As the Commission strives to uncover the truth, it is important that all evidence is taken into account and examined thoroughly. By doing so, the Commission can ensure that the truth isn’t being manipulated and that any money laundering activity is exposed and punished accordingly.

This is the only way to bring justice and restore trust in the system.

Key Witnesses

Revelations from key witnesses have left many shocked and appalled at the truth behind Crown’s dealings. Reports of money laundering, bribery, and other illegal activities have rocked the casino industry, raising questions of government accountability and cultural impacts.

The testimonies of key witnesses, including former employees, have shed light on the inner workings of the company. They’ve described a workplace rife with corruption, where employees were pressured to turn a blind eye to criminal activity. The allegations have had a wide-reaching effect, forcing regulators to take a hard look at the industry. It’s also caused a major shift in the public’s perception of the casino industry. While some have expressed outrage at the findings, others are calling for reform to ensure that such practices don’t happen again.

These findings have prompted an extensive investigation by the WA Royal Commission. The Commission is now focused on uncovering the facts and ensuring that those responsible are held accountable. With a thorough examination of the evidence, the Commission is aiming to uncover the truth and ensure that the public can trust the casino industry again.

The Commission’s inquiry will be bolstered by expert witnesses who can provide valuable insights into the industry. As the Commission continues its investigation, the public awaits the findings with anticipation and hope. With a full accounting of the facts, the Commission can help to restore public trust in the casino industry.

Expert Witnesses

Now that we have a better understanding of the key witnesses, let’s look at the expert witnesses who provided their valuable insight into the WA Royal Commission into Crown. With their trustworthy sources, industry trends, and years of experience, each of these experts brought something unique to the inquiry.

Here are four ways that the expert witnesses contributed to the Royal Commission:

  1. Advise on the legality of certain elements of the inquiry.nn2. Identify potential areas of inquiry that hadn’t been addressed yet.nn3. Provide an independent opinion on the evidence that had been presented.nn4. Analyse the wider implications of the inquiry’s potential results.

The expert witnesses were invaluable in their ability to provide an impartial, experienced, and knowledgeable outlook on the matters being discussed. Their contributions to the inquiry provided the Commission with a more well-rounded understanding of the issues being explored.

The expert witnesses provided comprehensive insight into the inquiry, offering a unique perspective that was both trustworthy and informed. This provided the Commission with a better understanding of the issues at hand and the potential outcomes.

With the expert witnesses’ input, the Commission was able to move forward with a more informed and comprehensive understanding of the situation. This enabled them to make the most appropriate decisions to uncover the truth. Moving forward, the Commission can now look to the outcomes of the inquiry to see how the evidence gathered from the expert witnesses has been used.

Outcomes of the Commission

You’ve heard of the WA Royal Commission into Crown, but what’s been the outcome? The Commission’s main focus was to investigate Crown Perth in particular and its compliance with WA’s laws and regulations, as well as the consolidation of power and risk mitigation within the company. The Commission has made several findings that have resulted in a number of outcomes.

Firstly, the Commission found that Crown Perth had failed to properly implement adequate risk management systems. This means that Crown Perth had created an environment that allowed for improper conduct and potential breaches of WA’s laws and regulations. As a result, the Commission recommended a number of steps, including the appointment of an independent board to oversee the company’s operations.

The Commission also found that Crown Perth had failed to address issues of corporate culture and governance. Consequently, there have been a number of changes to the company’s structure, including the appointment of an independent chairman and an independent director. Furthermore, the Commission has recommended the introduction of a new code of conduct for staff and the appointment of an independent auditor to review the company’s performance.

Finally, the Commission has recommended that Crown Perth be subject to greater transparency and accountability. This includes the introduction of a compliance committee to monitor the company’s operations and a requirement for the company to regularly disclose information about its operations.

In sum, the WA Royal Commission into Crown has identified several areas of concern and implemented a number of changes to address them. These changes have improved the company’s ability to meet WA’s laws and regulations and ensured that Crown Perth operates in a more responsible and transparent manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the Commission ensure its findings are unbiased?

The commission will ensure unbiased findings by adhering to strict gaming regulations and allowing full media coverage. With careful oversight and open transparency, the commission will be able to provide an accurate and impartial assessment.

What are the implications of the Commission’s findings for the gambling industry?

You’ll need to consider how gambling regulations and government oversight may change with the commission’s findings. It’s likely that the gambling industry will face more stringent regulations and increased oversight.

How much will the Commission cost WA taxpayers?

The commission is expected to cost taxpayers millions. It will have a political impact and shape public opinion as it reveals the truth. Its findings will be costly, but ultimately necessary to ensure justice.

How long will the Commission take to complete its investigation?

You’ll likely need to wait a while for the commission to complete its investigation. Privacy concerns and media coverage are likely to complicate the task. Expect the process to take several months to wrap up.

What measures are in place to protect key witnesses?

You’re protected by privacy laws and witness safety measures. We take these seriously to ensure your security and confidentiality.


You’ve come to the end of this journey – uncovering the truth behind the WA Royal Commission into Crown.

We’ve seen the timeline of events, the issues to be investigated, the key witnesses, and the expert witnesses.

With such a comprehensive investigation, it’s no wonder the outcome of the Commission has been so influential.

It’s certainly changed the way we look at the industry, and will continue to shape the future of WA’s gambling landscape.

Thanks for joining us on this journey of discovery – it’s been an eye-opening experience.