Nsw Pokies: A Growing Concern For The Crime Commission

Siste oppdatering: December 11, 2023

You’ve probably heard about the growing concerns of NSW pokies. As a resident of the state, you know how the gaming machines have had a major impact on the economy. But have you ever thought about the impact pokies have on the NSW Crime Commission?

This article will explore the impact of pokies on the commission, the regulatory framework in place, community responses, and the impact on vulnerable groups.

Pokies have become an increasingly contentious issue in NSW. With a rapidly growing number of gaming machines, the Commission has taken notice and is raising concerns about the impact of the gaming machines on the state. It’s clear that this is no longer a simple issue, and the Commission is taking action to curb the negative effects of pokies.

Key Takeaways

  • Over 100,000 pokies in NSW and their prevalence in communities are a major concern for the Crime Commission.
  • Pokies are identified as a significant contributing factor to addiction issues and have high social and economic costs.
  • The Crime Commission is concerned about the potential for money laundering and the vulnerability of problem gamblers to organized crime groups.
  • Community responses, such as support groups and public awareness campaigns, are being implemented to mitigate the negative impacts of pokies and reduce harm.

Overview of Poker Machines in NSW

You’re probably aware of how poker machines have taken over NSW – it’s become a real problem. In fact, there are more than 100,000 pokies in the state.

These machines are incredibly lucrative for the gambling industry, but they come with substantial social costs. The Crime Commission has identified them as a major contributing factor to addiction issues, particularly with vulnerable people.

The Crime Commission is not alone in worrying about the effects of poker machines. NSW residents are increasingly concerned about the prevalence of these machines in their communities, and the impact on the local economy. Studies have found that pokies encourage people to spend more money than they otherwise would, and this has a trickle-down effect on other businesses in the area.

The impact of poker machines on NSW is undeniable. It’s clear that the Crime Commission is right to be concerned, and that the NSW Government needs to take action. The social and economic costs of pokies are too high to ignore, and something needs to be done to address the issue. The solution may lie in reducing the number of machines in the state, and providing help to those affected by addiction.

Clearly, NSW needs to take a serious look at its poker machine problem. It’s not just an issue of crime, but of social and economic wellbeing. Without urgent action, the effects of poker machines will continue to be felt in NSW. It’s time to take meaningful steps to address this growing issue.

Impact of Pokies on the Economy

It’s clear that gambling on pokies can have a significant economic impact. In NSW, the gaming industry has grown in recent years, and now contributes over $5 billion to the state’s economy annually.

This money comes from the taxes and royalties that are paid by the gaming venues, as well as the wages paid to the employees. However, there are concerns that this economic growth may not be sustainable, and that the money generated could come at the expense of other parts of the economy.

Responsible gambling is also an important issue in NSW. The state has introduced a range of initiatives to help reduce problem gambling, such as limiting the number of machines in certain areas and introducing limits on how much people can bet. However, the number of people who are still at risk of developing a gambling addiction is still too high.

The impact of pokies on the economy is not just limited to the gaming industry. Research has shown that problem gambling can have a range of economic and social costs, such as increased crime rates, increased healthcare costs, and reduced levels of productivity in the workplace.

These costs can be felt by both the community and the government, and it is important to ensure that the economic benefits of the gaming industry are not outweighed by these costs.

The NSW Crime Commission has identified the increasing prevalence of pokies as a growing concern. The Commission has highlighted the need to ensure that gambling is conducted responsibly and that the economic benefits of the gaming industry are balanced against the social costs.

As such, the Commission has called for more research into the impact of pokies in NSW and for stronger regulatory measures to help reduce problem gambling. Moving forward, it is important that the state takes steps to ensure that the economic benefits of pokies are not outweighed by the social costs.

Growing Concerns of the NSW Crime Commission

With the prevalence of gambling machines on the rise, the state’s Crime Commission has expressed their worries about the potential impacts on society. The Commission has identified three areas of major concern:

  1. Money laundering: Pokies are a popular outlet for money laundering due to their anonymity and accessibility.

  2. Organised crime: Problem gamblers often become susceptible to organised crime groups exploiting their vulnerability.

  3. Community safety: High concentrations of pokies can lead to an increase in crime rates and anti-social behaviour.

The Crime Commission is actively monitoring the situation and taking steps to ensure that the regulatory framework is effective enough to protect the public. As part of their efforts, the Commission is working to increase community awareness of gambling harms and reduce the prevalence of pokies in areas where they can be a detriment to the community.

The Commission is also pursuing partnerships with local governments, community organisations, and industry stakeholders to ensure that the regulatory framework is effective in mitigating the negative impacts of pokies. Through these partnerships, the Commission is hoping to create an environment where everyone can benefit from responsible gambling.

As the Crime Commission continues to work towards a solution, they are committed to ensuring that the public is aware of the risks associated with pokies and the strategies available to mitigate them. Moving forward, the Commission is determined to ensure that the regulatory framework is robust and effective enough to protect the public from the potential harms of pokies.

Regulatory Framework

The state’s regulatory framework is being closely evaluated to ensure it is comprehensive enough to effectively combat the potential harms associated with gambling. Licensing rules, gambling trends, and other relevant regulations are under review to ensure that pokies are operated in a safe and responsible manner.

Regulations Scope of Oversight
Licensing Rules Ensuring operators comply with their obligations
Gambling Trends Monitoring the impact of gambling on the community
Taxation Collecting gambling taxes to fund services and programs

The NSW Crime Commission is aiming to ensure that the regulations are up-to-date and aligned with contemporary gambling trends. Specific attention is being paid to the impact of pokies on vulnerable populations, including the elderly and those with a history of addiction.

The Commission is also focused on ensuring that operators and venues adhere to relevant regulations and abide by responsible gambling practices. This includes strengthening existing rules and implementing new regulations as needed. The Commission is committed to safeguarding the public from the potential harms of gambling while still allowing people to enjoy the activity.

Comprehensive regulations are essential to mitigating the potential risks associated with pokies, while also ensuring that operators and venues operate responsibly. The Commission’s efforts to review and update the regulatory framework are essential to achieving this balance. As the next step, the Commission is examining the various community responses to the growing pokie concerns.

Community Responses

You can see how communities have responded to the potential risks of gambling through initiatives such as support groups and public awareness campaigns. As the social stigma associated with problem gambling has grown, media coverage and other forms of public engagement have become more prominent. This has led to several outcomes on the community level:

  1. Increased awareness of the potential risks of problem gambling and addiction.nn2. More resources for those in need of support and counseling.nn3. A greater focus on the development of improved strategies to reduce gambling-related harm.

Education and training programs have been implemented to increase the public’s understanding of gambling-related issues. These initiatives have been successful in providing individuals with the necessary tools and skills to make informed decisions about their gambling habits. Moreover, these programs have helped to reduce the stigma associated with problem gambling, as well as to raise public awareness.

At the same time, policymakers have worked to develop regulations and guidelines to ensure that gambling is conducted in a responsible manner. This has included the introduction of voluntary pre-commitment schemes, which allow players to set limits on the amount they spend. Furthermore, there has been an increased focus on the enforcement of existing regulations, as well as the introduction of new laws to protect vulnerable groups from exploitation.

Overall, communities have responded to the potential risks of gambling in a number of ways. Through increased public awareness, education and training programs, and new regulations, communities have worked to reduce the harm associated with problem gambling. By taking these steps, communities are doing their part to ensure that gambling is conducted in a safe and responsible manner.

With this in mind, the next step is to examine the impact of pokies on vulnerable groups.

Impact of Pokies on Vulnerable Groups

Gambling on pokies can have serious consequences for vulnerable individuals, especially in terms of increased financial and emotional stress. Problem gambling in NSW is a growing concern, and those most affected are often the most vulnerable members of society. The impact is particularly concerning for those already in financial hardship, as well as those with limited access to resources or support networks.

Group Impact
Low-income Financial stress
Young Adults Addiction
Elderly Social isolation
Remote Areas Limited access to resources

The emotional burden of gambling addiction can be just as devastating as the financial one, leaving individuals feeling isolated, powerless, and ashamed. Even with the introduction of new regulations and restrictions, the NSW Crime Commission is still seeing an increase in problem gambling. This means that vulnerable populations are still at risk of suffering from the effects of problem gambling.

Effective education and support needs to be made available to vulnerable groups to help address the issue. This could include targeted counselling, financial assistance, and self-exclusion measures. With the right approach, it may be possible to reduce the financial and emotional burden of problem gambling in NSW.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current number of poker machines operating in NSW?

You currently have approximately 90,000 poker machines operating in NSW. Gambling addiction and the social effects that arise from it are becoming a major concern. With this many machines being available, it’s important to take steps to ensure responsible gambling.

What are the long-term economic impacts of poker machines in NSW?

The long-term economic impacts of poker machines in NSW are significant, including social costs associated with problem gambling. You could face decreased productivity, higher crime rates and a weakened economy. It’s important to consider these implications when making decisions about pokies.

How has the NSW Crime Commission responded to the growth of poker machines?

You have seen the Crime Commission respond to the growth of poker machines with voluntary restrictions and responsible gambling initiatives. They have taken a calculated approach to address the issue in a knowledgeable and experienced manner.

What are the current regulations for poker machines in NSW?

You are subject to social responsibility and responsible gambling regulations when playing poker machines in NSW. These regulations are designed to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

What is the role of the community in addressing the poker machine issue?

You have a role to play in addressing the poker machine issue. Become educated and be socially involved to raise awareness and create change. Educate yourself on problem gambling and its consequences and join a local group or organization to get involved. Together we can make a difference.


You’ve seen the evidence of how pokies have impacted NSW economically, socially, and with regards to crime, and it’s an alarming trend.

It’s clear that the current regulatory framework is insufficient, and that the NSW Crime Commission is right to be concerned.

It’s up to the community to respond to this growing issue and ensure that vulnerable groups do not bear the brunt of this form of gambling.

We must act with knowledge, experience, and calculation to ensure that we protect our state from the dangers of pokies.