Nsw Pubs Say Goodbye To Poker: How Coronavirus Is Changing The Game

Siste oppdatering: December 11, 2023

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has had a massive effect on our lives, and NSW pubs are no exception. With the introduction of social distancing rules, pubs have had to say goodbye to one of their most popular activities: poker.

But the pandemic doesn’t have to mean the end of pub activities; there are plenty of alternatives to poker that pubs can explore. In this article, we’ll take a look at the impact of coronavirus on pubs, the need for social distancing, and the ways in which pubs are adapting to this new reality.

We’ll also explore the alternative activities pubs are introducing in place of poker, and offer a glimpse of what the future of pub life might look like.

So, if you’re curious to learn more about how coronavirus is changing the pub game, read on!

Key Takeaways

  • COVID-19 pandemic has led to the suspension of poker in NSW pubs, causing a decline in revenue and job losses.
  • Pubs have adjusted their operations and offerings to comply with safety standards, including social distancing measures and reduced capacity.
  • Online gaming has emerged as an alternative activity, with pubs hosting virtual tournaments and offering board games and card-based games.
  • Pubs need to compete with digital platforms, provide unique experiences, ensure responsible gaming, and bridge the gap between live and online gaming to survive and thrive in the future.

Overview of the Current Situation

You’re probably aware that the coronavirus pandemic has caused NSW pubs to say goodbye to poker, but what are the implications of this change? The impact of this decision has been far-reaching, affecting both the pubs and their patrons.

With the closure of cardrooms, pubs are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to sustain their businesses. Online gaming, while not a direct substitute for poker, has seen a dramatic rise in popularity. This surge in digital gaming has allowed pubs to stay afloat, as patrons can still enjoy the atmosphere of a pub while playing their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes.

The pandemic has shifted the focus from live poker to online gaming, and this shift has had a serious impact on pubs. Without poker, pubs have seen a major decline in revenue, and many have been forced to close their doors for good. This has created a ripple effect, as the loss of poker has also meant a loss of jobs and economic hardship for many communities.

The pandemic has presented an opportunity for pubs to explore new ways of doing business, but there are still many challenges that lie ahead. With online gaming becoming increasingly popular, pubs must find ways to compete with digital platforms. This will require them to focus on providing unique experiences and creating an atmosphere that patrons can’t get anywhere else.

In addition, pubs must find ways to ensure that their patrons are playing responsibly and safely while at home. These are just some of the issues that pubs are facing as they adjust to life without poker. It’s a difficult transition, but one that pubs must make in order to survive.

Moving forward, pubs must focus on finding ways to remain competitive and providing patrons with a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. In order to do this, pubs must explore new technologies and strategies that can help them bridge the gap between live and online gaming.

The coronavirus pandemic has presented pubs with a unique opportunity to reinvent themselves. With the right tools and strategies, pubs can continue to provide patrons with an entertaining gaming experience while ensuring their own survival. The future of poker may be uncertain, but pubs can still find ways to ensure their businesses survive and thrive in a new era of gaming.

Impact of Coronavirus on Pubs

As COVID-19 continues to spread, pubs are feeling the impact of the pandemic, having to adjust their operations and offerings. The financial implications of this have been immense, with many pubs forced to close their doors and lay off staff.

Along with the financial losses, there have been legal obligations that pubs have had to adhere to, such as the social distancing measures in place.

Below are four ways the coronavirus pandemic has impacted pubs:

  1. Financial losses due to closure and staff layoffs
  2. Legal obligations such as social distancing
  3. Temporary suspension of poker and other activities
  4. Adjustment of normal operations and offerings

The financial strain of the virus has been a major issue for pubs, with many struggling to stay afloat in the current climate. On top of this, the legal obligations have created a need for pubs to update their operations, to ensure they’re meeting the safety standards. This has meant the temporary suspension of activities such as poker, along with the adjustment of normal offerings.

The necessity of social distancing has meant that pubs have had to make changes to their operations, in order to meet the legal requirements and keep their customers safe. This has had a significant impact on the way pubs run, and the activities available to customers.

Moving forward, pubs will have to find ways to adjust to the new normal while still providing a safe and enjoyable experience for their customers.

The Necessity of Social Distancing

Social distancing has become a significant factor in how pubs are operating, requiring them to make some hard decisions. Pubs across the country have had to comply with the latest guidelines from the government, including reducing the number of patrons allowed in the establishment and enforcing a distance between tables. The need to accommodate social distancing has made it impossible for pubs to maintain their usual operations, such as hosting poker tournaments or allowing patrons to congregate in groups.

Before Now
Tables close together Tables spaced apart
Poker tournaments No tournaments
Groups of patrons Reduced capacity

The situation has been especially problematic for pubs that have relied on poker tournaments as a way to generate revenue. Online poker has been a viable alternative, as many players have taken to social media and virtual meetings to compete. The downside is that pubs cannot benefit from the revenue generated from poker tournaments.

Without the ability to host tournaments, pubs must find other methods to attract patrons and keep their businesses afloat. This means finding alternative activities that can be enjoyed while maintaining social distancing guidelines. It is an uncertain time, but pubs are adapting and finding new ways to stay open and continue serving their customers.

In order to survive, pubs need to be creative and look for new ways to generate revenue. From hosting virtual events to offering take-out and delivery options, pubs are finding innovative solutions to the current challenges posed by the coronavirus. The next section will cover some of the alternatives to poker that pubs are using to remain profitable.

Alternatives to Poker

With the pandemic necessitating an overhaul of operations, pubs have had to bid farewell to poker and look to alternative activities. For pubs seeking to remain competitive, there are a variety of options available, including:

  1. Hosting virtual tournaments that allow players to compete online.

  2. Offering board gaming, such as chess and checkers, as a way to engage customers.

  3. Installing card-based games that can be played onsite.

These options are not only great alternatives to poker, but they also have the potential to draw in new patrons. Virtual tournaments provide pubs with the opportunity to extend their reach beyond their local market and draw in players from all over the world. Board gaming is great for pubs aiming to create a relaxed atmosphere and foster an environment where patrons can socialize and unwind. Card-based games are perfect for pubs looking to add a bit of nostalgic fun to their offerings.

Knowing how to successfully incorporate these alternatives into daily operations is essential for pubs hoping to stay competitive. Clear communication and the implementation of proper safety protocols are paramount. Establishing rules for virtual tournaments, providing board games that can be easily sanitized, and ensuring that card-based games are regularly cleaned are all important steps to take.

These alternatives to poker are helping pubs remain viable during the pandemic, and with the right approach, they can be a part of the new normal. To ensure their continued success, pubs will need to stay up to date on the latest trends and adjust their offerings accordingly. With the right strategy, pubs can successfully transition to the new normal and remain competitive.

How Pubs are Adapting

You may have heard about pubs saying goodbye to poker due to coronavirus, but with the right measures in place, pubs can still provide fun and entertainment.

Online gaming and take-away and delivery services are two ways pubs can still offer great experiences to patrons.

With the right safety protocols in place, pubs can still provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for customers to enjoy, even without the traditional game of poker.

Online gaming

You’re invited to join the online poker revolution! With coronavirus changing the game, now is the perfect time to discover the exciting world of virtual poker.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. Mobile gaming – Play poker anytime, anywhere with your phone or tablet.

  2. Virtual tournaments – Compete in tournaments with players from all over the world.

  3. Real cash prizes – Win big with real cash prizes.

  4. Authentic experience – Enjoy an immersive, realistic poker experience.

So, why not join the online poker revolution today? Explore the world of virtual poker and find out why it’s the future of the game.

Take-away and delivery services

Discover the convenience of take-away and delivery services for your next meal! With the current situation, many pubs and restaurants are now offering these services to their customers. With the right take-out legislation in place, you can enjoy your favourite pub meals from the comfort of your own home. The cost of delivery is usually minimal, and with the added bonus of not having to travel, it’s an attractive option for many.

Pros Cons
Avoid Travelling Cost of delivery
Comfort of Home Take-out Legislation
Variety of Options

The convenience of take-away and delivery services has been a welcome change for many since the outbreak of the coronavirus. With the right measures in place, you can enjoy your favourite pub meals without ever leaving your house. As we head into the next section, it’s important to consider the implications of these changes and how they will affect the hospitality industry in the future.

Conclusion and Outlook

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to upend the world, many NSW pubs have had to say goodbye to poker and other traditional gaming activities. While the future of the industry remains uncertain, it is clear that the changes brought about by the virus will be long-lasting.

In response, pubs have had to come up with innovative solutions to make up for the lost revenue. This has included introducing take-away and delivery services, as well as exploring new gaming options that are more socially distant.

The economic impact of these changes has been significant, with many pubs closing down and others struggling to stay afloat. Despite this, there’s still hope for the industry in the long-term. Many pubs are planning for the future, investing in technology and exploring new ways to keep their customers entertained.

Overall, it’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the NSW pub industry. While the situation may seem bleak, there are still opportunities for pubs to adapt and survive in the long-term. With the right combination of innovation, technology, and creativity, pubs will be able to stay afloat and continue to offer customers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other activities are pubs offering instead of poker?

Say goodbye to poker and hello to bar trivia and live music! Pubs are now offering alternative activities to poker that are just as exciting. Take part in a bar trivia night, or enjoy some live music! Experienced staff can help you find the perfect activity for you.

Are pubs able to remain open during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Pubs face staffing challenges and financial losses due to the pandemic. In some areas, they are still open with social distancing guidelines, while in others, they are closed. It’s a difficult situation, but pubs are doing their best to stay afloat.

What safety measures are pubs taking to ensure social distancing?

You’re likely to find social distancing policies and sanitization procedures in pubs. Tables are spaced out, masks are required, and staff are sanitizing surfaces regularly. These measures are in place to ensure patrons can safely enjoy the pub experience.

How long will the effects of Coronavirus on pubs last?

The effects of coronavirus on pubs may last for a while, as alternative revenue streams like online poker take time to establish. However, experienced players know that with the right strategies, pubs can make the most of their new circumstances.

How are pub owners and employees dealing with the changes?

Pub owners and employees are feeling the social impact of job loss as a result of coronavirus-induced changes. They’re struggling to adjust to the new norm and navigate an uncertain future.


You’ve seen the headlines and heard the stories: pubs around New South Wales have been forced to close their poker rooms due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s been a tough time for the pub industry, but they’re finding ways to adapt.

Through creative solutions and strategies, they’re slowly learning to make the best of a tough situation. With social distancing measures in place, pubs are finding new games and activities to replace poker. It’s not the same, but it’s a start.

It’s a sign that pubs aren’t going to give up – they’re going to fight for survival in this new world.