Aquis To Shake Up Canberra’s Gambling Scene: Casino Sale Announced

Siste oppdatering: December 11, 2023

Are you ready for a shake up in Canberra’s gambling scene?

Aquis Entertainment Group has announced the sale of one of the city’s major casinos, and their plans for the future are sure to have a big impact.

Aquis is looking to bring an exciting and modern gambling experience to the area, and it’s sure to bring plenty of benefits for locals and visitors alike.

From responsible gambling measures to regulatory requirements, Aquis is doing all they can to ensure the sale meets all the necessary criteria.

So if you’re looking for something new and exciting in Canberra, Aquis is sure to deliver.

Key Takeaways

  • Aquis Entertainment Group is selling one of Canberra’s major casinos, aiming to bring a modern gambling experience to the area.
  • The sale is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy, with increased competition and revenue, as well as new jobs and entertainment options.
  • Aquis is committed to responsible gambling measures and meeting regulatory requirements, ensuring a safe and secure gambling environment.
  • The sale reflects Aquis’ commitment to the Canberra market and their plans to invest in the region’s cultural and sporting activities, as well as improving access to healthcare and essential services.

Overview of Aquis Entertainment Group

You may not have heard of Aquis Entertainment Group, but they’re about to shake up Canberra’s gambling scene with their announced casino sale!

Aquis is an Australian-based, privately owned company with a focus on real estate and leisure investments. Founded in 2009, the company has a successful history of acquisition strategies and stakeholder engagement. They own some of the largest and most well-known gambling resorts in Australia. Their acquisition of The Reef Casino in Cairns, Queensland, in 2014 was a major milestone in their growth. Aquis has also made investments in Fiji and Singapore.

The company has now set its sights on the Canberra market. Aquis has recently announced that it is selling a casino in the city, with plans to expand its operations in the area. This is a major move for the company, and a significant step forward for the Canberra gambling scene.

The casino sale is expected to bring new opportunities to the area, including more jobs and a new source of entertainment for locals. This is an exciting development for the region, and Aquis is confident that their acquisition strategy and stakeholder engagement will make this a success.

With this move, Aquis is sure to make its mark on the gambling industry in Canberra and beyond. The sale will surely be a catalyst for further growth and development in the city, and will open up many new possibilities for the local community.

Details of the Casino Sale

Aquis Entertainment has just unveiled plans to give Canberra’s entertainment a major makeover with the sale of its Casino. The financial impact of the sale is expected to be significant, as it will put the city on the map as a gambling destination. This move could potentially open the door for other casinos to enter the market, driving up competition and creating more opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

Gambling Trends Financial Impact
Increased competition Increased revenue
More gambling options Increased demand
Enhanced experience Improved economy

The sale of the Casino is a big step for Aquis Entertainment, as it reflects the company’s commitment to the Canberra market. This move could set the stage for further growth and development, allowing the company to expand its investments and create more jobs in the region.

The sale of the Casino is expected to have a positive ripple effect on the local economy, as it will bring in new businesses and provide a boost to the tourism sector. Additionally, the sale could create a more vibrant nightlife in the city, as the Casino could offer a variety of entertainment options.

The sale of the Casino also signals a shift in gambling trends, as more gambling options become available in the city. This could lead to an influx of players to the city, as they take advantage of the new opportunities. With this influx of players, the financial impact of the sale could be tremendous.

The sale of the Casino is a major step for Aquis Entertainment and could have far-reaching consequences for Canberra. The potential for increased revenue combined with the new gambling options could lead to a major shift in the city’s entertainment scene, making it a true entertainment destination. The sale of the Casino is a sign of Aquis Entertainment’s commitment to the Canberra market, and with the potential for increased revenue, the sale could pave the way for an exciting future.

The sale of the Casino marks a new era for Aquis Entertainment and Canberra, and the company is now looking ahead to the future with plans to continue its commitment to the local economy.

Aquis’ plans for the Future

With the sale of the Casino, Aquis Entertainment is now looking ahead to the future and is committed to continuing its investment in the local economy. The company is planning to expand opportunities and make targeted investments to help drive economic growth and job creation in the region.

Aquis has already set aside funds to support local businesses and increase access to education and training opportunities.

The company is keen to help grow the local tourism industry, with plans to promote the region as a destination for both domestic and international visitors. Aquis is also looking to develop the area’s existing infrastructure, including the construction of new hotels and entertainment facilities. They are also committed to investing in the region’s cultural and sporting activities, and creating new attractions that will attract tourists from all over the world.

Aquis is also planning to develop new technologies and services that will benefit the Canberra community. This includes innovative solutions that will improve access to health care and other essential services. The company is also looking to create a platform that will help businesses in the region to access new markets and expand their reach.

Aquis is determined to make a positive difference in the Canberra region, and their ambitious plans are sure to have a positive impact on the local economy. With their commitment to creating jobs, boosting tourism, and investing in the region’s infrastructure, Aquis is well-positioned to make a substantial contribution to the region’s future.

By investing in the local economy, Aquis is helping to ensure that the region can continue to thrive and prosper. Moving forward, Aquis is eager to see the region reach its full potential.

Aquis’s plans for the future are sure to bring great benefits to the region. With their commitment to creating jobs, boosting tourism, and investing in the region’s infrastructure, the company is setting itself up for success.

Benefits to the Region

Aquis’s investments in the region will bring a number of benefits to the local community, including:

  • New jobs, providing meaningful employment opportunities for the local residents.

  • Improved infrastructure, allowing for easier access to the casino and other amenities.

  • Increased tourism, as people from around the world flock to the city to experience the new gambling scene.

  • Access to new markets, allowing the casino to reach a larger customer base.

The investments will not only help to revitalize the local economy, but also bring more attention to the region. The influx of new businesses and visitors will create an exciting atmosphere that will draw in new customers, boosting the potential for more revenue. These investments will also help to attract new investment, further boosting the local economy.

Furthermore, the new casino will bring with it measures to ensure responsible gambling, which will be beneficial for both the casino industry and the local community. These measures will be aimed at preventing problem gambling and creating a safe gambling environment for all.

These investments will be beneficial for both the local community and the casino industry, creating a win-win situation for both parties. With the introduction of new jobs, improved infrastructure, increased tourism, and access to new markets, the region is sure to experience a major shift in its economy and culture in the near future.

Responsible Gambling Measures

Aquis’ commitment to responsible gambling will bring about a much-needed change in the local community, providing a safe and secure gambling environment for all. Their focus on safe gaming and player protection will bring relief to the area, and create a better gambling culture within the city.

Measure Aquis Other Casinos
Player Identification Yes No
Self-Exclusion Yes No
Underage Gambling Yes No
Self-Limitation Yes No

As part of their commitment to responsible gambling, Aquis is introducing measures that will ensure a safer environment for all. This includes player identification, self-exclusion, underage gambling prevention, and self-limitation. These measures will be a great improvement to the current situation, as many other casinos in the area do not offer these safeguards.

Aquis is also taking steps to ensure that their patrons are aware of the risks associated with gambling, and the importance of staying in control. They will be offering resources and support to those at risk, such as a dedicated helpline and online support services. This will help create a more responsible gambling culture in Canberra.

Making these changes will be a major step towards creating a safe and secure gambling environment in the area, and Aquis’ commitment to responsible gambling is a welcome addition to the local community. As the sale of the casino progresses, it is important to ensure that the necessary regulatory requirements are met in order to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience.

Regulatory Requirements for the Sale

You can expect an increased focus on regulatory requirements for the sale of Aquis, as they’re striving to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment for all. As such, Aquis has committed to working closely with the relevant government bodies to ensure that all necessary regulatory frameworks are adhered to.

This includes:

  • Ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations
  • Meeting all due diligence requirements
  • Working with governing authorities to ensure a responsible gambling environment

Aquis is confident that, by taking all these steps, they’ll be able to satisfy all necessary regulatory requirements for the sale. Furthermore, the company is committed to continuing to work with governing authorities to ensure a responsible gambling environment and to promote responsible gambling practices.

Aquis is committed to implementing the highest standards of regulatory compliance and they’re confident that this sale will be conducted in a responsible and professional manner. It’s essential that the sale is managed in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations and that all stakeholders are kept informed throughout the process. This will ensure a safe and secure gambling environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Aquis Entertainment Group’s plans impact existing businesses in Canberra?

You’re likely to see both social and economic effects from the proposed changes. Existing businesses may face increased competition, leading to a shift in the economic outlook of the city. Overall, it’s likely to be a major shakeup of the gambling scene.

What will be the long-term economic impact of the casino sale?

The long-term economic impact of the casino sale could bring increased job growth and tourism potential. This could be beneficial for businesses in the area and beyond.

How will Aquis Entertainment Group ensure responsible gambling practices?

You can rely on Aquis Entertainment Group to ensure responsible gambling practices through prevention strategies and responsible gaming initiatives. They are experienced and knowledgeable in the field, and promise to provide a safe, secure environment.

How will the sale of the casino affect the employment opportunities in the region?

The sale of the casino will likely improve job security and create new local investments. You can expect an influx of employment opportunities, with potential for long-term job growth.

What measures are in place to ensure the sale of the casino meets all regulatory requirements?

You must meet strict licensing requirements and government oversight to ensure the sale of the casino is in compliance. Experienced, knowledgeable professionals can help ensure the sale meets all necessary criteria.


You have now seen the exciting news that Aquis Entertainment Group is shaking up Canberra’s gambling scene with the recent announcement of the casino sale.

Aquis has big plans for the future and is keen to invest in the region, while also taking responsible gambling measures very seriously.

With the necessary regulatory requirements met, this sale is sure to be a success.

You can trust that Aquis is experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled enough to deliver great results for the region.