Online Backgammon Set-Up Guide: Learn to Play for Aussies Now!

Online Backgammon
Set-Up Guide: Learn to Play for Aussies Now!

Do you want
to learn how to play one of the oldest board games in the world? Australians
can now learn how to set up and play online backgammon with ease!

This guide will walk you through the basics of how to set up the
board, roll the dice, and move your checkers.

We’ll also explore how to play with friends and manage the

Plus, you’ll get some helpful troubleshooting tips for any issues
that come up.

So let’s get started and learn how to play backgammon

Introduction to Backgammon

Ready to learn how to play backgammon? It’s an exciting game
that’s easy to pick up and fun to master! It’s a great way to pass the time
and challenge yourself.

Backgammon has been around for centuries and is popular with
people around the world. It’s an exciting game that combines strategy and
luck, so it appeals to players of all skill levels. Plus, it’s a great way to
learn about different cultures and get a taste of the game’s unique

When playing backgammon, two players use a board that has 24
tri-colored points. Players take turns rolling dice to move their checkers
around the board, aiming to be the first player to get their checkers off the
board. To win, you must move your pieces strategically and take into account
the luck of the dice.

Backgammon is a game that can be enjoyed by players of any age and
skill level. It’s great for families, as it doesn’t take a lot of time to
learn the basics. Plus, it’s a good way to teach kids about strategy and the
importance of taking risks. It’s also a great way to stay connected with
friends and family, as you can play online.

So why not give backgammon a try? The rules are easy to learn, and
with a bit of practice, you’ll soon be playing like a pro! With its
combination of skill and luck, it’s an exciting game that can be enjoyed for
hours. So why not grab a board and get playing?

Rules of the Game

So, you want to know the rules of the game? Let’s get started and
have some fun! Backgammon is a two-player board game that involves rolling
dice, moving pieces, and strategic decision-making. Every game starts with
each player having 15 pieces, or checkers, which move around the board. The
goal of the game is to move all of your pieces around the board and off the
board before your opponent does.

The board is divided into four sections: the outer board, the home
board, and the bar. The outer board is the most important part of the game as
it’s where the players move their pieces. The home board is where pieces are
taken off the board and the bar is where pieces are sent when they are

To start the game, each player rolls a single die. The player with
the highest roll goes first. During each turn, the player rolls two dice and
moves pieces according to the total. If a player rolls a double, they can
move four pieces the same number of spaces indicated by the

Another important element of the game is the doubling cube. This
cube can be used to double the stakes, which can make the game more exciting.
There are various doubling strategies that players can employ, such as
aggressive or defensive strategies.

Backgammon is a great game that requires strategy, skill, and a
bit of luck. With a bit of practice, you’ll soon get the hang of it. There’s
plenty of online resources and tools to help you improve your game. So, let’s
get rolling and have some fun playing backgammon!

Setting Up the Board

Before the roll of the dice and the race to the finish, setting up
the backgammon board is an important first step in the game. You’ll need to
ensure that all the pieces are in the correct positions, and then it’s time
to start playing.

To set up the board, you’ll need to place the 24 pieces in the
correct spots. The two sets of pieces should be placed in opposite sides of
the board. The pieces should be placed in alternating colors, with the black
pieces on the right and the white pieces on the left. Additionally, the
Doubling cube should be placed in its holder in the middle of the board. This
cube can be used as a strategy during the game, so it’s important to make
sure it’s in the right spot.

Once the pieces have been placed, it’s time to decide who goes
first and which pieces they will control. The pieces should then be moved
around the board accordingly. Finally, it’s important to keep track of the
score. Each player should have their own score card, and it should be updated
as the game progresses. This will help you keep track of the game and ensure
that the correct player is awarded the victory.

Backgammon is a great game for all ages, and with a bit of
practice, you’ll soon be a master of the board. So, grab your friends and get
ready to start playing. With a bit of luck and some strategic use of the
Doubling cube, you’ll be well on your way to a fun and exciting game of

Rolling the Dice

Once all pieces are in place, it’s time to roll the dice and begin
the exciting game of backgammon! The first thing you’ll want to do is roll
the dice and move your pieces. To do this, each player takes turns rolling
two dice. The dice must be rolled from the same cup and must hit the wall on
the opposite side. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The numbers on the two dice must be played
  2. The higher number must be played first.
  3. You cannot move your pieces until both numbers have been
  4. The Doubling cube can be used during the game to increase the
    stakes. It’s a great way to up the ante and add strategy to the

If you want to up your game, learn how to use the Doubling cube.
It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s quite simple. You can double your
opponent’s stake at any time during the game. This is called ‘doubling’. Your
opponent can then choose to accept or decline the offer. If they accept, the
stakes are doubled, and the cube is then turned over to you. If your opponent
declines, they lose the game. Learning when to use the Doubling cube is an
essential part of backgammon strategy.

In addition, you can use the Doubling cube to help you with your
doubling strategy. Knowing when to double and when to pass can give you an
edge in the game. Backgammon can be a lot of fun, so learning how to use the
Doubling cube to your advantage is one of the best things you can do to
improve your game. Good luck and have fun!

Moving Checkers

Playing online backgammon involves several key moves. These moves
include bearing off, blotting, hitting, and entering. Let’s take a closer
look at each of these moves.

Bearing off is the process of removing checkers from the

Blotting involves moving a checker to an open point.

Hitting is when an opponent’s checker is captured.

Entering is the move of placing a checker from the bar onto an
open point.

Bearing Off

You’ll have a blast learning how to bear off in your game of
Backgammon! Bearing off is the process of removing your checkers from the
board when you reach the final stage of the game. Your checkers must be in
your home board in order to bear off. This can be done by rolling the number
on the dice that corresponds to the point your checker occupies. However, if
you don’t have a checker on a point that corresponds to the number you
rolled, you cannot bear off. You must use the highest number possible. The
table below helps you understand how checker placement and the doubling cube
contribute to bearing off.

Checker Placement Doubling Cube Bearing Off
Move checkers to your home board Use to double stakes Remove checkers from board
Move checkers to upper right quadrant Used when both players agree Roll dice to match point
Move checkers to the furthest points Decline to double stakes Use highest number possible


Blotting is an important concept to understand when playing
Backgammon. You can be ‘blocked’ or ‘hit’ if you leave one of your checkers
alone on any point. For example, if you have a checker on the 3 point and
your opponent rolls a 3, they can remove your checker and place it on the
bar. This is a ‘hit’ and your checker must re-enter the game starting from
the opponent’s 1 point.

To ensure you don’t get ‘blotted’ or ‘hit’, it’s important to be
strategic with your checkers and use ‘Double Roulette’ and ‘Home Analysis’ to
your advantage. Here are four tips to help you keep your checkers

  1. Keep your checkers in groups of two or more whenever
  2. If you can, try to keep your checkers on the lower points on the
  3. When you’re bearing off, try to keep at least one checker on the
  4. Analyze your opponent’s moves to determine their strategy and
    adjust yours accordingly.

By following these tips, you can reduce the risk of getting
‘blotted’ or ‘hit’ when playing Backgammon. Good luck!

Hitting and Entering

Now that you know the basics of blotting, it’s time to learn about
hitting and entering in online backgammon.

Hitting and entering is a critical part of the game and
understanding it will give you an edge.

To hit, you must move one of your pieces to a point that is
occupied by only one of your opponent’s pieces. When this happens, the
opponent’s piece is sent to the bar, and you must enter your piece on your
opponent’s home board.

This is done using the doubling cube, a cube with the numbers 2,
4, 8, 16, 32, and 64 on the sides. The cube action in backgammon is used to
double the stakes.

By understanding hitting and entering, you’ll be able to take full
advantage of the cube action to increase your chances of

Advanced Strategies

Ready to take your checkers game up a notch?

Advanced strategies are key to improving your play. Building
primes, controlling the board, and forcing moves are essential tactics that
will help you climb the ranks.

With a few tweaks to your approach, you’ll be dominating the game
in no time.

Building Primes

Creating primes is an essential part of playing backgammon and a
great way to challenge yourself and your opponent. To build a prime, you must
create a blockade with your pieces. This is done by placing your pieces in a
line, either in a row or column. This line is referred to as a “building
block” and acts as a barrier to help protect your own pieces and prevent your
opponent’s pieces from advancing.

Once you have created your first building block, you must add more
pieces to each side of the original line, creating a “prime”. This is done by
placing two pieces side-by-side for each side of the line, forming a
triangle-like shape. This prime position is very difficult for your opponent
to break through.

Building Blocks Prime Positions

Controlling the Board

Take control of the board by strategically placing your pieces to
create primes and build blocks, blocking your opponent’s pieces and
outsmarting them every move.

With a little planning and strategic thinking, you can be one step
ahead of your opponent and make sure that they can’t get their pieces past

The key to success is using the doubling cube. This cube is a tool
that can help you double the stakes of the game and increase your chances of
winning. When used correctly, the doubling cube can give you the upper hand
in the game.

Another important part of controlling the board is understanding
the doubling strategy. This involves knowing when to offer a double and when
to accept or refuse a double.

By planning your moves and using the doubling cube and strategy,
you can gain the edge over your opponent and take control of the

Forcing Moves

Don’t get backed into a corner – force your opponent to make moves
they’ll regret with the art of forcing moves! With this strategy, you’ll be
able to control the board and take the lead. Here’s what you need to

  1. Use prime building to your advantage. When your opponent doesn’t
    build a prime, you can move in and block them.

  2. Don’t forget the doubling cube. This will give you a chance to
    gain a powerful advantage, especially if your opponent is stuck in a

  3. Create an anchor. This will give you control of the board and
    force your opponent to make moves they don’t want to.

  4. Make the most of your moves. Look for chances to hit your opponent
    and force them to move their checkers in a way that benefits

With these tips, you’ll be able to use the art of forcing moves to
your advantage and gain the upper hand in your online backgammon

Managing the Clock

Managing the clock in online backgammon is critical – it’s your
key to victory! Taking too long to make a move can cost you the game, so it’s
important to develop strategies for managing your time

One of the most important strategies is the use of the doubling
cube. It can be used to control the tempo of the game, and can be used to
your advantage if you can time your moves correctly. Knowing when to double
and when to pass can be the difference between a win and a

Another important strategy is to plan ahead. Look at the board and
anticipate your opponent’s moves, so you can plan your own accordingly. Don’t
wait until it’s your turn to decide what to do – think ahead and give
yourself the opportunity to make swift, effective decisions. Time management
during a game of backgammon is as important as the moves you

Finally, don’t be afraid to take a break. If you’re feeling
overwhelmed or rushed, it’s okay to take a step back and take a break. You
can always come back to the game when you’re feeling more relaxed and ready
to make the best decisions. This can be a great way to give yourself a fresh
perspective and to help you stay focused during the game.

Online backgammon is an exciting game, and with a few simple
strategies and some practice, you can become a master at managing the clock
and winning more games. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start

Playing with Friends

Now that you understand the basics of managing the clock, let’s
move on to playing with friends! This is a great way to make friends and
socialize online.

With online backgammon, you can bring friends together who are in
different locations for a friendly match. You can even invite friends from
other countries to join you!

All you have to do is start a game with your friends, and you can
select the settings for the game. You can choose from different board sizes,
select a maximum number of turns, and even set a time limit for the game.
Once you create the game, you can invite your friends to

Once everyone is connected, you can start playing right away. You
and your friends can take turns rolling the dice to move your pieces, and you
can strategize with each other. It’s a great way to bring people together.
Plus, you can chat with each other as you play, making it even more

If you’re playing with friends, you can also use the game to teach
each other new strategies. You can both take turns trying out different moves
and see which one works best. It’s a great way to learn new strategies and
improve your game.

Playing with friends is an excellent way to enhance your online
backgammon experience. You can meet new people, make new friends, and
socialize online while playing the game. Plus, you can learn new strategies
and practice them with your friends. So, why not invite your friends to join
you for a friendly game of backgammon?

Playing Online

Playing online is a great way to compete with other backgammon
players from around the world, and in Australia alone, an estimated 250,000
Aussies are playing online. With online backgammon, you can connect with
like-minded players from around the world, anytime you want. Whether you’re
looking to play a friendly game or race robots in online tournaments, there’s
something for everyone.

To play online, you’ll need an internet connection, a computer
with a browser and a Flash player. You can find many online backgammon sites
that offer a variety of options, from beginner tables and tournaments to high
stakes games. Most sites offer a free trial period, so you can try out the
different levels and see which type of game works best for

If you’re new to backgammon, you can find tutorials and articles
online to help you learn the basics. There are also plenty of practice apps
and game sites that allow you to play against computer-generated opponents.
This is a great way to get familiar with the game before you start playing
with real people.

Online backgammon can be as competitive or as laid back as you
want it to be. You can choose to play one-on-one games, or join tournaments
and leagues that pit you against other players from around the world. You can
even play against robotic opponents, if you’re looking for a more intense

No matter what type of game you prefer, online backgammon is a
great way to sharpen your skills, meet new people, and have a lot of fun. So
if you’re looking for an exciting new way to enjoy the game, why not give it
a try?

Pros Cons
Wide variety of options Must have internet connection
Play against robotic opponents Can be competitive
Easy to learn the basics Must download Flash player
Play with people from around world Can be difficult to win

Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble getting started with online backgammon? Don’t
worry, we’ve got you covered with these troubleshooting tips!

First, make sure that you are familiar with the game’s rules and
the dice etiquette that comes with it. This includes understanding the use of
the doubling cube and how it works in the game.

Next, make sure you have a compatible device that can run the
backgammon app. If the app is installed correctly, check your internet
connection and make sure there are no interruptions.

If your device is compatible and you still can’t connect, try
resetting your device or uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Additionally,
make sure you’re logged in with the correct account

If all else fails, it’s best to reach out to the game’s help
center for assistance. With these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be playing
online backgammon in no time! So, go ahead and test your luck against other
Aussie players.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best online platform to play backgammon?

If you’re looking for the best online platform to play backgammon,
you’ll want one that offers long distance play and beginner tips. Check out
sites like Backgammon Galaxy, which provide an easy-to-use interface and
helpful tutorials to get you started. Have fun!

Is there a way to play backgammon without a physical

Yes! Online backgammon allows you to play without a physical board
– perfect for social interactions and time management. Enjoy playing with
friends, or find online opponents anytime, anywhere.

Is there a difference between playing backgammon online and in

Yes, there’s a difference! Online games are recorded, making it
easier to track your progress and bankroll management. Plus, you can play
anytime, from anywhere. No need for a physical board. Feel the thrill of the
game and hone your skills online!

Are there any strategy tips for more experienced

Experienced backgammon players should focus on reading the dice
and using the doubling cube strategically. Pay attention to Board Position
and Pip Count, and use a number of tactics to gain an advantage. Try
different strategies to stay ahead of your opponent!

What are the best ways to practice backgammon?

Practice playing backgammon with a friend or try speed play
online. Work on chip counting and strategy. Learn the basics, but also aim to
become a pro. Have fun and stay motivated. Good luck!


You’ve now got the know-how to get set up and start playing
backgammon. With the right set-up, a few simple rules, and a bit of luck,
you’ll be able to challenge your mates and play with players from all around
the world.

So, don’t be shy, get rolling the dice and whizzing your checkers
around the board. Who knows, you could be a backgammon champion in no

So go on, take the plunge and have a go – you won’t regret

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