Quick and Convenient Payment with Playamo

Playamo is a casino with a lot to offer. Besides the amazing layout and their story of origin, the site packs a hoard of games of all styles that are perfect for gamers of all levels, budgets and tastes. Another big plus is that they are able to offer Bitcoin-friendly games that will not only accept wagers in the cryptocurrency but also pay out in BTC. These types of games combined with other offers for Australian dollars come together totalling over 1800 games for Aussie players to choose from. Whether it is your first time on the site or you’ve already seen what all the fuss is about, you’ll want to have all the info about payments so that you can have access to your winnings quickly without any hassle. 

First Step: The Paperwork

Nothing good comes without a bit of red tape, but there is nothing to be alarmed about. Verifying your information is the first step that can assure that your Playamo cashout time comes without lengthy processing times. To correctly verify your identity, Playamo will ask for a form of ID and usually some type of bill showing the name on the account plus an address. Once the documents are submitted, officials will review your submissions stating whether or not any additional paperwork is needed. After those procedures are over, gamers can expect an answer within one week to start collecting their winnings.  

Deposits: Free of Fees and Instant

We recommend taking care of the first step first, but it isn’t required to start making deposits and to begin spinning and wagering away to build up your personal jackpot. Several methods are accepted for depositing funds, and all transactions are available instantly. There are no fees attached, so there are no reasons to hold back on making the first deposit and beginning your Playamo journey. There are still a few rules to consider about the min and max wagers, which vary depending on the method used. 

Visa & Mastercard

Deposit ranges from $25AUD to $6000AUD


Deposit Ranges from $25AUD to $10,000AUD


The deposit ranges from 0.003BTC without a limit. Yep, you read that right! No limit. 


The deposit ranges from 0.01ETH without a limit as well. 

Playamo Withdrawal

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to payments is, how long does a withdrawal take from Playamo? There is no single answer, with processing times depending on the method used. The site boasts that withdrawal times take no longer than 3 days, but this is as long as everything runs smooth and the verification process is complete. All of the withdrawal methods offered come without any added fees, and some of them are available instantly. 

Visa & Mastercard

For a credit card withdrawal to process, Playamo recommends waiting for around 1 – 3 business days for processing. There is a required minimum amount of $25 to initiate the Playamo withdrawal time, and you can take out winnings all the way up to $6000 at one time. 


E-Wallets are becoming more and more preferred in online gaming, especially for the fact that money is available instantly. This instant amount can be withdrawn in seconds from the E-Wallet directly to your account as long as it falls between $25 and $6000.

Bank Transfer

Though not the most popular, it is still an option for Aussie gamers to use. A minimum amount of $500 is required for withdrawal, and this amount caps off at $4000. Players should wait for the winnings to process for 1 – 5 business days until the funds are available. 


Another option that is available instantly is Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has now made its way into the world of online gaming. Aussie gamers can withdraw amounts from 0.003 up to 2BTC. 


Another option that is an alternative to traditional banking, players can withdraw 0.01ETH up to 5ETH without any need to wait or pay processing fees. 

Playamo casino withdrawal times are just one more reason why gamers of all budgets and levels should try a quick gaming experience with this casino. There are so many options to choose from that are suitable for Australians.  

Final Thoughts

Deposit and withdrawal times and fees are critical when choosing a casino. Everyone is excited when they score winnings, no matter the amount, and want access to them as quick as possible. For this reason, the expert casino players that created Playamo likely decided to offer several options for gamers to choose from when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money. Finding a game here and taking advantage of the promotional offers is simple, so why shouldn’t depositing and receiving money be, too? This is the motto you will find when you play at Playamo.

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